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Updated: May 29, 2018


MIAMI, FL August 16th, 2017

ACAEDIA's release of "DIVIDED" packed a huge punch today, literally rocking me to my musical core. If you've missed out on all the recent ACAEDIA excitement let me give you a quick run down on how this local SoFL band is shaking up the interwebs.

After their acclaimed release of "Metalcito" their "Despacito" metal remix, ACAEDIA comes out swinging with a very loud reminder that they aren't just here for a catchy cover. They've got skills and they're about to drag you into the most intense case of fandom you've had, since Hulk Hogan put on his yellow panties!

"DIVIDED" takes you on a hardcore rollercoaster ride. It gives you all those deep metal feels as it sends a VERY CLEAR message to our current struggles as a nation; reaching into the deepest darkest parts of a "metalheads" heart and ripping out that unbridled unified spirit, that all of us banging are heads are really listening for.

Yes, I cried...don't judge me, this is some of the most intense 3 minutes and 23 seconds I've had the pleasure of jamming to in a while. 

"Eye for an eye is not the answer if you wanna cure this cancer."

The song is full of impactful and introspective lyrics, that if you truly listen, WILL make you feel the overwhelming rage that is currently plaguing so many of us in an uncertain political climate. As they scream "this isn't who we are" I find myself connected even further. I'm diving deep into the ACAEDIA hype because it's completely and utterly worth drowning in! 

The musicianship is so intense that you can feel the pain in every riff and hear it with every scream, it's piercing! 

The haunting combination of vocals from Eddy Madero and Ray Jimenez makes you beg for more. I guarantee you that you will find yourself consumed by a guitar solo that makes guitarist Javier Sardinas look like a damn rock god (ok, maybe that was too far but HOLY SHIT it's FUCKING AMAZING). The rhythmic addiction created in the song is being pounded out on drums by Mike Collantes and it brings me back...back to High School when the songs were like crack and I could scream them at the top of my lungs as tears fell from my face, feeling alone, feeling unwanted, feeling lost. Those songs united a generation, and "DIVIDED" has the ability to bring you back to that feeling, punch it in the face and give you more! 

"This isn't who we are. We divide ourselves into worthless pieces, blinded by our own hate."


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