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SHITHEAD'S RAINBOW ~ The Next Culty Band For Your Playlist

June 5, 2018


The aura of crippling and confusing emotions mixed with angst and happiness all at the same time has been founded within the small town of Jersey City, NJ. Seeing Shithead’s Rainbow at local music venue FM was not in our playbook, but their unique sound and twisted energy, mixed with every freakin’ person in their audience dancing their asses off, created an atmosphere that I couldn’t walk away from.

Labelling SHRB as a specific genre couldn’t do enough justice for this quintet, super badass frontwoman/synth player/tambourine rager/and kazoo enthusiast, Claire describes their sound as “theatrical filth pop.” Claire, one of the kindest individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting with, lets you know that she doesn’t take shit from anyone with her sets. With inspirations from strong female musicians such as, Patti Smith, Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, Claire’s voice truly gives her band a one of a kind sound.

Claire and boyfriend/guitarist Nick have a background in theater, which definitely explains their excellent ability to engage with their audience throughout their sets. About four years ago, the couple joined forces with their third friend, also Nick, on bass. Over time, they added second guitarist Ryan, and percussionist, Dan.

A particular characteristic that a lot of new-age music groups seem to lack is the musical contributions of all their members. With Dan shredding on drums wearing a bright rainbow wig, and every member having their own songs that they lead, SHRB shows that each member of their group contributes to their amazingly chaotic sets, that make you feel like you belong somewhere, even if you have no idea where that is.

Shithead’s Rainbow is currently signed with Mint400 Records based out of Hawthorne, NJ. Claire has confirmed with me that a sweet music video for their single, “Punk Rock Gatorade”, is headed our way, along with a couple of EP’s dropping sometime this fall. Shithead’s Rainbow is truly authentic, one second you think you’re listening to a calming resonance that reminds you of The Hush Sound and Velvet Undergound, and then they quickly change paces seamlessly into old school garage punk, bringing you back to The Sex Pistols and The Clash. After one beer turned into three, my sit down with Claire emphasized why her band is ultimately deserving of obsessive fandom. The music industry is and always will be a difficult place for women of all kinds.

“Sometimes I’ll walk into the venue for a show with my instruments and equipment, and people look at me and say, ‘OH, you’re also in the band?’”

Claire continues the messages of a lot of her influences, promoting the equality of women in the music industry.

[ Shithead's Rainbow - "Bad" Music Video ]

All together, Shithead’s Rainbow is a group of genuine people, who want you to feel accepted when you listen to their music or watch them live. With songs about hugging, and just doing whatever the fuck you want when you want it, they create an environment with a prominence on self love and friendship (and... lots of angst and some cursing as well).



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